Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Well, it is about time that I did something on the blog, it has been a while!
I had a great Christmas and I am looking forward to a fabulous year ahead, hoping to do some travelling overseas.
Over the past two weeks, I have been crocheting coathanger covers - a bit old-fashioned I suppose but I like them. You can check out the photo to see some of them, I have already given away several others. And I think someone knows who these are for!!!

There are two photos of knitting gauges from my collection. These have become somewhat of an obsession - these and knitting nancies (which I will show you next time). There are also some tape measures tucked in amongst them.

This is a chatelaine that hubby made. He purchased a lot of jewellery bits and assembled the pieces. I think he did a great job!

What is 7cms tall by 5 cms wide and 3cms deep? Why... my latest "sewing" acquisition of course. I received these six sew cute sewing machines in the mail today. They are actually christmas decorations. I have decided to create a sewing themed christmas tree for Christm
as 2007. A lot of the decorations will be made by me. I think it will be interesting to see the final result if you can hold out till the end of the year, which, if it was anything like the previous year, will be here in no time!
I apologise for the bad photo but you can get the idea.