Thursday, October 16, 2008

Needle Boxes

Here is part of my
needle box collection.
Made from velvet, card, and
paper, and decorated
with scraps, they are most definitely
of the Victorian era.

They measure 5 x 7 x 3 cms
and when opened, the needle pages
concertina out to reveal small
needle packets secured in
place with red ribbon.
Starting with the blue velvet box,
the inside shows
a delightful "needle box print"
of a vintage lady wearing a hat.
The needle packet is by
T. Harper Redditch.
The scrap on the lid says "With
fondest love of Thee".

Inside the faded burgandy needle box
shows another vintage young lady.
The needle packets are Sheffield prize
needles. The scrap on the lid says - "To
one I love".

Inside the palest needle box and the one in the
least good condition we see a print of a child and
and her dog. It is missing its little concertina
folded pages and the needle packets are from
John English, Feckenham, Imperial Diamond Sharps
.......etc.......Great Britain 1863.

The scrap on the lid of this box says - "The
business of my life shall be - Forever to
remember thee".