Friday, June 27, 2008


Who was Virginia Snow?

The name of Virginia Snow Studios began to appear
on Collingbourne Mill's embroidery, crocheting, and
knitting instruction books around 1913. (Not sure as
to whether "Virginia Snow" was just a name or actual
person.) The name continued to be used until the
late 1930's. Some time later after many changes to
the company, it eventually became Lee Wards.
(For full details regarding this company which
commenced in 1902, please refer to the article -
Piecing Together the Past of Virginia Snow Studios....
Elgin, Illinois - by Susan Wildemuth)

Below are a selection of pages from the catalog ....

Below are three Lee Wards catalogs from Spring
and Summer 1959, Spring and Summer
1962, and Fall and Winter 1962.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


PRISCILLA produced a wealth of
fancywork books pleasing even the most
fastidious of fancyworkers/needleworkers.
There many titles some of them you will
see below.

Continuing with the Priscilla Catalog from previous
Here are some more pages for you to peruse.

(Check out the "toast case" above!!)

The catalog continues with more baby clothing,
aprons, handkerchiefs, collars, ladieswear,
household linens, towels, etc.
You will find pages on simple crochet
edgings (see below), embroidery stitches,
and lists of embroidery sundries, cottons and threads,
yarns, beads, braids, ribbons, etc., etc.