Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Children's Craft Sets

It is known by some of you
that I have a collection of children's
sewing sets and embroidery sets.
You can see them here and here
and here and here and here.
I also have many spool knitting sets
of which you can read about on

It is also no secret that I adore
the Spears Games Knitting Nancy
(female form) and I am fortunate
to own some sets of these
as they are now becoming
highly sought
after and because of that
extremely expensive!

I thought I would share with
you another two craft sets which
are made
by Spears Games.

The Little Basket Worker below is
from the 1920's - 1930's and shows
delightful graphics on the top of the
box of three children making
their little baskets.

After all of these years, it still
has some of its contents.
On the box top it reads -
The Little Basket Worker
Spear's Improved Edition
Registered SPEAR'S GAMES
In Great Britain
Manufactured by
the Spear Works Bavaria
Designed in England
(no date)
The directions are under the lid.

Up until now, I had never seen a date on
any of the vintage Spear's Games sets.
It was certainly a big surprise when the
next set arrived.

and how to use them
A Pastime for Children
- and it further reads -
Registered SPEAR'S GAMES
Great Britain and Canada
Manufactured at
the Spear Works Bavaria
Designed in England
Copyright 1929

Another lovely picture
is shown on this box!
There are many wooden beads
still with the box and it also
contains its instructional leaflet.

I also cannot resist showing you an
advertisement shared with the above

No doubt, I was very happy to find this!!

You can see many delightful games in the
book - Games We Play - History of
J.W. Spear & Sons and written by
Helmut Schwarz & Marion Faber
The text is English and the games
are those found in Germany,
lovely to look at and
read about!

You can find the book here.
Please note that it states
that you "Ask Francis" and not
use the button on the
"Buy the Book" page.
Francis Spear is a delightful
gentleman and will answer
your questions and be able
to send you your book.
A small photo from inside the book
is this sweet little sewing set
Puppenmutterchens Nahschute 1937
(Making Dolly's Dresses).

The paper dolls sets are delightful!... as are
so many of the games found in the book.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Small Display

There will be a post
coming up shortly!