Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pincushions, Hearts, Wishbones, and Crochet!

I have had a few requests for patterns since my post on
Thimble Holders (Crocheted Wishbone Thimble Holders).
I have also had an email from someone who lost the
treasure (crocheted wishbone thimble holder with
a crocheted heart-shaped pincushion attached)
they were given by their grandmother and
sadly lost it in a house move.
I will be posting a pattern very soon
when I will be back home.
I have been away for the past week.
I hope that you will check back again - when I
am able to update.

March 2, 2008

I have had a search through my patterns and
while I do not have the same
pattern as the "wishbone thimble holder with

heart-shaped pincushion", I have what I
think is the next best thing.
I have found a vintage pattern for a crocheted
"powder bag", and instead of filling it with

powder, you could fill it with polyfiberfil.
It can be attached to the crocheted wishbone
thimble holder for which I have

previously posted the pattern.

Below is a pattern for a "crocheted pineapple
pincushion" which is from - Star Book No. 74 Fair
& Bazaar Suggestions - see further below.
The pattern does not give the finished size but if
you look at the cover picture, you can tell that it
would be approx. 6 inches long.
If you are a skilled crocheter, then you may be
able to adjust the size in accordance with the
wishbone thimble holder.

If you look again at the "wishbone thimble
holder with heart-shaped pincushion", you
will see that the crochet work is extremely
fine (pincushion 4 inches in length).
So a lot depends on the size thread and
gauge hook that you use as to what size the
finished item would be.

I have included a picture of some of my collection of
pincushions which shows a lot of these vintage
crocheted pineapple pincushions.
They all vary in size as you can see.

I hope that this has helped those who are
looking for crochet patterns for sewing accessories.
Don't forget to click on the pictures for larger image.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Vintage Sets for Children

Here are two very vintage sets for children.
The first I would date to around the 1910's
and no maker's name on this.
The condition of the outside of the box is
a little poor but the inside looks fine.

As to the contents of the inside of the sewing
set, it is as found, so I cannot tell if they
are original.

There two cards of sewing thread, two pairs of
scissors, two lots of embroidery thread, a card of
little buttons, part card of hooks & eyes, a small cardboard
threadwinder with thread, a packet of needles, more
buttons, thread spool, and two balls of crochet cotton.

Above is a close up of the picture on the lid of
the sewing set. It looks to me like this child is
going to do some gardening with a rake
and watering can.

The Toy Knitting Outfit below has wonderful graphics
on its lid.
It is actually a spool knitting set and is dated around
This set is made by Milton Bradley of the USA.

On the lid of the box it says - This Outfit has given
pleasant pastime to thousands of children.

Inside the box we have three spool knitters, 2 original and
1 homemade from a small wooden cotton reel/spool, and yarn.
While I would usually place this on my other blog - spoolknitter -
I thought that you would enjoy seeing this set just for
the graphics.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Junior Miss!

Continuing with children's sewing collecting theme,
I have this very simple, but sweet Junior Miss
Sewing Set - A Berwick Toy
Made in England

The contents show six different colours of embroidery
thread, two cards of mending thread (Glista "Mendarn"
Mending - Made in England), packet of
needles (The "Floral" packet Finest Quality
Needles - English Made), and red thimble.

I just love the graphics on the lid of this set. The seated
young girl is sewing the hem of a doll's yellow dress,
the kneeling young girl is playing with a sweet doll, there
is a cane sewing basket on the floor, a ball
of wool in front of the basket, and the dog has a
giant red thimble on his head!
There is no date but it is numbered as
"No.1". I have to guess yet again,
possibly 40's - 50's.

More sets to follow!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vintage Sewing Sets for Children

One of the many fields of vintage sewing
collecting is the category of children's sewing.

Some of the items we find are -
Needlework sets
Embroidery sets
Sewing Card Sets
Sewing for Dolls
Millinery Sets for Dolls
Knitting, Crochet and Weaving Sets and
Children's Sewing Books.................etc.

I have a number of different sets and books about which
I will be posting from time to time.

Here are three sets all Made in England.

I have been lucky to find these particular sets
in a reasonable condition with a lot of their
contents still intact. Now, apart from finding
a mint condition, unused set with which to
compare the contents, I can only assume that
these items ARE original to the set.

Miladi Needlework Companion is made by
Berwick Toys - England
This set is numbered 106.
Octagonal in shape, this colourful set has butterflies
and flowers on the lid.

Inside, we find embroidery threads on cards marked
Junior Miss Embroidery Thread
- A Berwick Toy Made in England
(still stapled to the base),
cardboard spools of thread with Miladi
on the ends of the
spools, paper tape measure,
scissors, thimble,
a handkerchief with a transfer of a puppy to
embroider, 1 skein
of embroidery thread, a cloth needlebook,
and a piece for cross stitching.

Below, The Seamstress Needlework Companion
Made in England
Again, this is an octagonal shaped box.
The cover shows a wooded scene with fairies
and toadstools.

Inside, we find - scissors, thimble, paper tape measure,
packet of Peerless Needles, Sewing Thread on card Best
Quality, 2 skeins of Peerless embroidery threads, and
various cardboard spools of embroidery threads.
Shortly after taking this photo I found another two
spools under the insert.

Below, another Miladi Needlework Companion.
This box is hexagonal shaped.
We have a number of little characters and
various sewing items shown on the cover.

Inside this set we find, paper tape measure, scissors, thimble,
various spools of cottons, 2 skeins of embroidery thread,
a packet of Miladi Sewing & Darning Needles,
a card of Miladi Hosiery Mending thread,
and a card of Strutt's Elastic Thread.

There is no date on any of these boxes, but I would say
they are from the 40's - 50's.

If anyone has any information on the Berwick Toy Company,
or knows anything at all about these sewing sets,
I would love to hear from you!


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Make a Wish!

How many of you save the wishbone
from the Christmas turkey?
Do you know that you can make
an unusual thimble holder using
a wishbone and crochet cotton?

Victorians had a flair for whimsey!
They often turned unusual objects
into something to delight the eye.
Animal horns and hooves were often
made in pincushions, so using a
wishbone for a thimble holder seemed
perfectly logical - they never threw
away anything!

Below are some samples of thimble holders.

Left - a vintage wishbone thimble holder
Right - a newly made wishbone thimble holder
(this one uses an ordinary sized chicken wishbone
which was a little small).

Below is a vintage wishbone thimble holder
and pincushion.

And another one below here this time
being a lot smaller pincushion than in
the previous photo.

This is a vintage crochet book -
Crocheted Gift Novelties from 1916

And below is a pattern from this book
for you to make your own!
It will be up to you as to what size hook
and crochet thread you use.
Have fun!
(click for larger image)