Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TRICOTINS (Knitting Nancies)

Just before we get to more sewing baskets, I thought I would catch up with a previous blog regarding what can be made from the cord that results in using the knitting nancy.

I have some books (available at Amazon or ebay), which are in french or german but are easy to follow (they are written for children after all and you can source some english childrens craft books as well) -
Das Strickliesel Buch (german)
Tricotin Malin (french)
le Tricotin (french).

The following are just some ideas taken from these books:

Use cotton yarn for these flowers.


Egg cosies, and baby chickens


Toy Parrot

These are some examples of what can be done - you are only limited by your imagination, after all!

I have placed a link on my blog to Crone-Findlay, a great website for fans of spool knitting. Noreen of Crone-Findlay has books available of her great designs, there are free patterns on her blog too. There are also fabulous painted spool knitters that she has designed which are available for purchase. (And I am also the proud owner of three of her spool knitters.)

Below are pictures of tricotins from a Marie Claire Idees Magazine from 2006.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Here is one of my sewing baskets purchased with contents.

(Remember to click photo for larger image)

Photo 1: This basket was purchased in 2006 in Victoria (Aus). It measures about 33cms and made of wicker and cane exterior and rattan interior.
Photo 2: Here are the contents inside the basket. There were also two plastic bags of modern buttons (not shown).
Photo 3: The contents are spread on the table - four needle books, three of which are handmade: one embroidered with wool, one silk, one perforated paper and embroidered, and a commercially made leather needlebook with a label stating - Hall's Nickel Plated Needles. These Needles will work easily and resist rust. Elephant Brand (picture of elephant) trade mark. The Hallmark of Quality. Made in England by Wm. Hall & Co. Ltd. Studley Redditch.
Other contents - several cotton reels, vintage buttons, safety pins in tin, more cotton reels and thread cards in smaller basket, solid plastic thimble, buttonhole scissors, small scissors marked Sheffield England and on the handles are the letters E R 19 53 (souvenir from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II) darner, and several bodkins which leads me to ........
Photo 4: I have tried to show the decorative bodkin in closeup (not easy to do). It is made of brass.

Sewing Stand

Here is a sewing stand which was purchased in Geelong, Victoria.
Photo 1: We think that the wood is walnut. It is 45cms in height.
Photo 2: On the inside of the lid is a label - A Morco Product Registered Trademark with a lovely picture of a lady.
Photo 3: These are not original to the sewing stand but were being stored inside, so it is only fair that I show these to you - five thread holders (mauchlineware), four sewing kits, the blue glass "blob" that is just showing behind one of the boxed kits is a darner, three vintage dress patterns, beutron buttons, beaded pincushion.
Photo 4: And as well as the vintage mix, there are also some newer reproduction pieces still packaged - DMC, Elizabeth's Vintage Notions, etc. plus some reproduced needle books.

The two photos below show a mass produced doll pincushion and a vintage handmade crocheted pincushion and wishbone thimble holder (love this).

The last photo is the new arrivals - Art Needlework catalogue from the US dated 1932-33. I love looking through these and it is also great for dating some needlework tools. Also shown are more knitting nancies being added to my enormously growing collection with the last two (far right) being new. An unusual item to mention here is the pin card dated 1901 to be exact as it has a calendar of this year on its back. It is advertising Roachsault - Barrett Chemical Co. (pesticide). These were usually give aways. Two last items are a metal knitting needle gauge and a vintage needle book.

So I will be posting more - "What's in the Sewing Basket"? soon.....stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



This photo was taken a couple months ago before the lot was packed away with the rest of the sewing collection.
I will be posting some photos of sewing baskets but I have to call on my son (computer expert) to arrange the photos a certain way (you will see what I mean when you see it) and until that is done I hope you will enjoy this photo.
Dont forget to click for larger image.