Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Little Look at Sewing Trade Cards

Sewing Trade Cards

Most of you would know about Victorian
Trade Cards. They advertise all manner
of goods and services and thanks to the
ladies of the Victorian era, we have many
surviving examples to behold today.
They were a popular pastime, with
Victorian ladies pasting their collections
of cards into scrapbooks.
As you search for trade cards, you
soon discover that many of them advertised
sewing goods - cotton threads
and sewing machines.
Below is a small selection in my collection and
if you would like to know more, please
see here - Victorian Trade Cards.

Above and Below (front and back)
Chadwick & Bro's 6 cord cotton.

Above and Below (front and back)
J & P Coats' Thread.

Above and Below (front and back)
Willimantic Thread

All of these cards that follow
are blank on their

(Also - there are trade cards in the side
bar of the blog which I will be altering
sometime soon).