Monday, November 13, 2006


This is Maude. She came to live with us last week.
I don't know what she would say to all of the sewing clutter surrounding her -
maybe she has seen that sort of clutter before. Perhaps she previously lived
in a room above an old dressmakers shop - a room filled to the ceiling with bolts of fabric, patterns, laces and trims, buttons, and all other manner of sewing
paraphernalia. There would have been a most magnificent Singer treadle sewing machine sitting in the centre of the room, in constant use, never missing
a stitch. What secrets Maude and that Singer could hold!

And getting back to that clutter, here are two views of my display cabinet -
Could I squeeze another tatting shuttle or bodkin in there.......


Where Women Create by Jo Packham

Here is the first paragraph from inside the cover.....
"Creativity comes from the heart and soul, but where you work can either interfere with or inspire the artistic process. For some, it may mean claiming a little nook in the family room. For others, it's important to set up a studio in order to start a business. Whatever your size limitations, you can carve out a space dedicated to making your dreams come true."


catsmum said...

I keep telling you... you need a bigger house ... up here :]
what are you going to dress maude in?
seeya on the weekend sweety

catsmum said...

are you going to introduce everyone to Maude's new sister? :]