Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Vintage Sets for Children

Here are two very vintage sets for children.
The first I would date to around the 1910's
and no maker's name on this.
The condition of the outside of the box is
a little poor but the inside looks fine.

As to the contents of the inside of the sewing
set, it is as found, so I cannot tell if they
are original.

There two cards of sewing thread, two pairs of
scissors, two lots of embroidery thread, a card of
little buttons, part card of hooks & eyes, a small cardboard
threadwinder with thread, a packet of needles, more
buttons, thread spool, and two balls of crochet cotton.

Above is a close up of the picture on the lid of
the sewing set. It looks to me like this child is
going to do some gardening with a rake
and watering can.

The Toy Knitting Outfit below has wonderful graphics
on its lid.
It is actually a spool knitting set and is dated around
This set is made by Milton Bradley of the USA.

On the lid of the box it says - This Outfit has given
pleasant pastime to thousands of children.

Inside the box we have three spool knitters, 2 original and
1 homemade from a small wooden cotton reel/spool, and yarn.
While I would usually place this on my other blog - spoolknitter -
I thought that you would enjoy seeing this set just for
the graphics.


Brierley & Clover said...

They are just absolutely gorgeous - I am officially coveting nearly everything in your collection! Thanks so much for sharing it all - the graphics in particular are amazing!

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

Hi! to another fellow Victorian. Glad that you enjoy my blog. I love to share what I have found in the big wide world and still hopeful of one day owning my own sewing museum somewhere in Victoria, Australia! It may be first of its kind in Aus.