Monday, April 07, 2008

Children's Embroidery Sets

This time we are taking a little look at Children's
Embroidery Sets.

The Kiddies Embroidery Sets below are Made
in England, and contain - 1 piece of Material,
6 Embroidery Balls, 1 Needle and 1 Transfer.
Each box has one design to embroider - these are
Butterfly design or Birds design.
I would estimate the date as circa 1920's.

Below - inside one of the boxes - well, we are missing two
of the balls of thread but that is fine. For a very vintage set
as this, you would expect there to be some items missing.

Next is the Princess Real Embroidery Set dated 1939
by Standard Toykraft Products Inc. New York U.S.A.
It is numbered 205.

Below - showing Contents ~ Materials to
Also, a sewing needle, the sweetest tiny thimble,
scissors, and threads.
Next - Embroidery Outfit by Transogram Gold Medal
N.Y. Dated 1950 .
Complete Cloth and Napkin Set with "Ballet Girl"
According to the box top, it contains - cloth centerpiece, napkins,
embroidery hoop, colorful embroidery thread and accessories.
This has obviously had a lot of work/play and I would
guess that there has been some items added to it.

Below is a Hasbro Take-Along Embroidery Set.
1965 Hassenfeld Bros., Inc., Pawtucket, R.I., U.S.A.
Numbered 1515.

Again, this set has been well played with and other
items have been added.

Next is "Stamp and Stitch" Embroidery Set No. 723
Made in Italy ~ Multi Print ~ Milano.

This set has a slightly different approach to
embroidery. The stamps can be used to
make more pictures to be worked, plus
there are also some transfers.

Lastly, here is a free vintage pattern for you.


Gina E. said...

Marian, you have such wonderful treasures in your collection! I don't recall seeing these anywhere, but one of the photos brought back a faint memory of doing something like that in my first years at school in the early 1950's.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks so much, Gina!
There are a lot of treasures to see.

Drewzel said...

Oh my goodness, these make my heart sing! I collect vintage transfer patterns and love all things embroidery related! :D

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Drewzel! Aren't vintage patterns great?!