Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pocket Sewing Kits Book

Further to my previous post on Pocket Sewing
Kits and for those wanting to know more
about them, Sandy Woodyard has an excellent
book - Pocket Sewing Kits - Published in 2006
by Ohio Thimble Seekers.
It covers all sewing kits including those made
from - Brass, Wood, Enamel, Plastic, and
so much more. There are over 60 pages and
full of lots of great photos all in colour.
It is a great reference book - really worth
seeking out.


Jessica Piesse said...

Hi. I am a reserch intern for Melb Museum. I am reserching a fantastic (and enormous) William Bartleet and Sons needle display c.1880's. I saw somewhere in one of your blog entries that you had some Bartleet needle books. Do you have digital records of any of these? I would also appreciate any other information about bartleet memorabilia you might have. My best email is, but you can also contact me on . I would really appreciate your help! Many thanks- Jess

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Jessica! Lovely to hear from you!....if you email me personally (go to "view my complete profile" then click on email), I will be able to send you some photos of what I have. I haven't any written references on Bartleet as yet.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for a fantastic trip down memory lane! Your collection is inspiring. I remember working many of the kits you show, as a child. I am now strongly encouraged to locate what may be packed away in our families' memory boxes. Thank you for sharing, Roxanne, Georgia, USA

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thankyou for your comment, Roxanne! I do hope you are able to find your kits - and I hope they will inspire you to perhaps start collecting many more kits....they make a wonderful display because many of them are so novel!