Friday, March 27, 2009

Sewing Tins

Hi everyone! ..... this is well overdue,
but the "situation" at home
is still "in boxes".
DH has been working extremely hard
and little time is being afforded towards
sorting out, the setting up of the shelves,
and display cupboards, and ultimately
the unpacking of the sewing collection.

Of the little that I CAN get my hands on,
which is found in a few of the sewing
baskets, I will
try to put into a post now,
and hopefully
sooner than later, there will be much
more to follow.

I appreciate you "sticking with me" and
I assure you that when all is unpacked,
the future posts will hold a great deal
of subject matter..... just as I have done
from the start of the blog.


Sewing Tins

There are a few headings under Sewing Tins which I could talk about -
Tins showing advertising e.g. - Singer, Butterick, etc.
Tins that came with sewing machines which hold
sewing machine parts
Tins that hold sewing kits
- however, we will look at two recent samples of
sewing kit tins.

Here is dear little Minnie Mouse on the lid
of the Disney sewing kit. This is the only Disney
kit that I have and I am sure that there were
many other different Disney sewing kits
available over the years, but as yet
I have not found any. There must some
readers who would know of others.

Inside are the typical contents however, I did find
it a little unusual to have a "ring" shaped thimble though
I guess it fits better in the container.

Below is the Dumpling Dynasty sewing kit by Wu and Wu.
A very new product and a delightful tin.
Truly a collector's treasure for the future.
You will see all sorts of delights at their website
to do with all sorts of activities for children.

The tin is about 4" X 8" which is a little large for
a kit, and the contents are -
six different cotton spools,
wheel of pins,
a large assortment of needles,
safety pins,
seam picker,
tape measure,
and scissors.

Lastly, I have a couple questions for you -
What is the difference between a kit, etui,
and sewing compendium?
I would love to hear from you and see
what you think, and
see this metal sewing tube below -
Would you call it a kit, etui, or sewing

Above - showing contents.
There is also a small metal piece at the top side of the
tube which pulls out a tape measure.

I look forward to hearing from you!



catsmum said...

Maz do you know whether the Disney kit was actually made/available in the US or is it perhaps a licensed Japanese one? I ask because that ring thimble is close to some of the sashiko thimbles I seen.

and I'd call the bottom thingie a sewing kit but one of the versions that I have WAS sold to me as an etui [ and I think you were actually there when I bought it too ]

Gina E. said...

Well, I know what a kit is, and I know what a compendium is, but I haven't heard of an etui! So I'd be just guessing at this quaint item. I'm in a similar situation to you at the moment, Marian. My MIL has moved in with us, and I had to convert my linen collection room into a bedroom within 24 hours. So most of my linens have been put into boxes and bags, and shoved into the wardrobe. I have no idea where everything is in there!! I'll have to get everything out again one day and repack it all, and label the boxes and bags.

crazyhaberdasher said...

It is so hard trying to keep blogging about your collection when it is packed up in boxes!!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Catsmum (Susan) - I would say that it is a licensed product - nowhere does it say ... "Made in _____". I did buy it from the US.
A quick look on the internet and I dare say that these ring thimbles are coming into fashion. I saw some very pretty silver ones.
I will do another post soon about the bottom thingie!

Lynne said...

I'd call it a kit but what would I know? I [can but I] don't sew or collect such interesting looking objects!

Ann said...

I always took it for granted that they were just different words for the same thing - a sewing kit! So I will be interested in what the difference is. I've got a little sewing kit that is in a purse, don't know how old it is though. Love all your vintage sewing things.

QuiltinCanuck said...

Just found your blog - where do you find this wonderful stuff! I need to find some time to look at your older posts just to catch up. I particularly like the items for children you share. Look forward to more stuff in the future! Jewels

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Ann! ..... look for new post this weekend!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi QuiltnCanuck! .... so glad that you have found me!
I am especially drawn to sewing items for children, as well as spoolknitters (see my spoolknitter blog) and dolls and toys, really, I haven't grown up!!

pussman said...

They are all so lovely, are they all yours??
I would love to buy that Chinese one, If I could still find it!