Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vintage Needlework Tools


How many collectors are finding it more difficult
to afford collecting needlework tools?
I had left my collecting of needlework tools for
about two years and was concentrating on
spool knitters or knitting nancies (they
are called by many names - you can catch
up with these great knitters on my other blog -

I have just lately again started to search
for needlework tools and found that the
prices have jumped astronomically!
So many items are now priced at over $100 and
well up to $200 (Buy it now) including needlebooks and pocket
sewing kits.
Therefore, I have come to the conclusion
that I will now just look for those items that
have a novelty/quirkiness to them of which I
have seen for much "reasonable" prices.
Just by my recent searches, I have found
 more affordable items are that made
of wood. Some are commercially made, and some are
handmade. A lot of them hold pincushions which I must say
suits me - I am a HUGE fan of pincushions.

One example below is - foreign made by
Klimax Gift Series. The box measures 9cms X 6cms.
The contents are - a tape measure which becomes the stand
for a cute little gnome, a very small pincushion, and a 
small mushroom which can be used as a 
darning tool (though this is not
mentioned on the box).

Now, if you are one of the faithful readers of my blog,
(and I apologize for the lack of posts), then you would 
know that I also love anything to do with crinoline
I found this novel cotton/spool holder below.
Measuring at 20 1/2cms in height and 
16 1/2 cms in width at base there is no indication
of who or where it was made (I did purchase it
from the US)

In the boxed section at the base, there are 4 posts
to hold the cottons/spools. With a hole at the top for placing
on a hanger on the wall and 4 cut lines coming down from
the wavy section of the box, it becomes a dispenser -
 the threads would
be held in the cut grooves. You could also keep the 
needle packets/books and scissors in this section,
handy for quick repairs.

So though it is not a tool, it is still a lovely,
novelty sewing item to have.

I had at one time made some sewing stands for sale - a
photo of some are below - I do hope to make some
more soon.

There is a lot to be said for handmade, as so many of
the vintage needlework necessities were. They
hold a charm of their own.
I would love to hear your thoughts about your
own collections, and if you also make your
own "vintage necessities".



catsmum said...

I've pretty much given up on finding reasonably priced needlework ephemera.
These days I just drool a bit, sigh at my empty purse and pass on

catsmum said...

and btw glad to have you back blogging :)

crazyhaberdasher said...

Back from the Tasmania trip, DH surprised me with his purchases while there - butterfly brass needlecase, silver thimble in its case (unusual to find them in a case), four toy sewing machines, sewing workboxes, sewing birds X 2, etc, etc.!! He is the one with the money!! ... not me! Maz x

RAINETTE (l'énigmatique) said...

I've just found your wonderful blog. You don't write anymore ?


crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Rainette (l'enigmatique) ... I am hanging my head in shame!!!
Thankyou for your very nice comment. Things haven't quite gone to plan re this blog. We moved to this house a few years back and renovating has been ongoing that so many of the collection has not been unpacked. I can only show what I have since collected, and why not show them? ... well, I have been spending too much time on the knitting side of collecting - spoolknitters to be exact, of which you can see the blog all about them here - - plus I now manage two worldwide groups for those interested in both collecting and the projects that you can make using a spoolknitter (Yahoo and Flickr). I have also been researching for my own comprehensive volume/book which I would love to publish ... about spoolknitters. I did do a book via Blurb (which you will see at the top right of the blog) but just a simple style type book. Don't give up on me! ...
I will get back sometime soon ... cheers, Maz