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Frederick Herrschner Inc.

Est. 1899


Art Needlework catalogs shown here date from 1927 up until 1938. It is difficult to find information on Herrschners, the website is here and there is no mention of the company history.

Being a collector of sewing tools, I find catalogs/catalogues very useful in being able to date items - although some items were being offered over several years, you would still be able to tell when they originated.
It is fascinating to look inside these and I was spoiled for choice as to what I would show here, there are just too many wonderful things.....children's clothes, women's clothes, linens, all pre stamped and ready to embroider. And of course there are all of the supplies available to the needleworker, quilter, knitter, crocheter.......including pattern books, kits and gifts.

The first here starts at Catalog 27, Frederick Herrschner Inc. 6610-30 So. Ashland Ave., Chicago.

1927 - Needlework Supplies.

Spring & Summer 1927 Catalog No. 28
Children's Clothes.

Fall & Winter 1931 - 1932 Catalog No. 39
More Needlework supplies.

Fall & Winter 1932 - 1933 Catalog number cannot be found.
Inexpensive kits.

Spring & Summer 1935 Catalog No. 48
Quilting supplies.

Fall & Winter 1937 - 1938 Catalog No. 55
Wonderful Aprons.

Fall & Winter 1937 - 1938 Catalog No. 55
Knitting supplies.

The Fall and Winter 1937 - 1938 is Catalog No. 55 and the address is still 6610-30 So. Ashland Ave., Chicago. The catalog dated 1956 - 1957 (not shown) is Catalog No. 80 and is called Herrschners with the address being 72 E. Randolph Street, Chicago 1, Illinois.

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Cathy said...

Oh I love all these! How did I miss them! Wouldn't they be gorgeous framed and hung around a sewing room!

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