Monday, October 29, 2007


Thread Boxes - obviously
an important item in a Haberdashery shop as
the end of the box displays the brand, name of
the item, the shade, number,
type - sewing cottons, crochet thread
and embroidery floss, etc.

Although generally the advertising
on the boxes was rather plain and
not very decorative, there were some exceptions.
I hope you enjoy a little look at thread boxes.

Dewhurst "Sylko" from Great Britain

Semco Crochet Thread

John Clark Junr. & Co
The Canadian Spool Cotton Company

C. A. Rickards Crewel Silk for
Art Needlework

Clark & Co's Sewing Machine Thread

Lily Mills Company of North Carolina
Lily Six Cord Sewing Thread

Dewhurst's Sylko Machine Twist

Bond's "Wenty" Crochet and Embroidery
Threads - "A Real Australian Product"
Yes, you guessed it! This is my favourite!

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catsmum said...

wenty - what a bizarre name
and yes of course it's your fave - it's got a crinoline lady on it :]