Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I went op shopping today!

Who would have thought that statement would become one that you would announce with such enthusiasm and what a great sentence it is - it conjures up all sorts of images of treasures
waiting to be discovered, all sorts of sewing goodies that can be added to collections,
all sorts of sewing accessories that can be recycled
and made into other fabulous and useful needlework items,
all sorts of items to decorate
the ever expanding sewing room.
- ric rac trims
- braids
- fat quarters
- pieces of tulle
- woollen fabric
- glass candlesticks
- little decorative china baskets
- pincushions
- jars of buttons
- buttons on cards
- old keys
- old interesting craft books
- knitting needles
- crochet hooks
- snaps/fasteners on cards
- knitting needle gauges
- lovely old glass jars
- embroidered doilies
- beautiful crockery...

Finds from a country op shop.

This green glass hen cost $2.00

Above - pincushions 50 cents each,
the little glass jar of red buttons 20 cents.
I also visited a quilt shop and one of the purchases
was this length of green ric rac.

This glass candlestick cost me $1.
I have filled it with little white and pearl buttons and I intend to
use it as a pincushion base. I have received some lovely purple fabric
from a fellow pincushion enthusiast in the US
and I will make the pincushion from this.
I will post a picture of the pincushion when completed.

Another little treasure found today.
This little china basket will also become another pincushion.
Picture will be posted when it is completed.

Bias binding and fasteners and more pincushions!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! I love that chicken and all of your buttons - oh, not to forget the pincushions, too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. So sweet! Yes, Heidi continues to amaze me. Just discovered her blog a short time back. She is so talented!! Do share your pincushion when all done! Take care! Becky

Heidi said...

What finds!!! We never have great bargains like this in Holland. I am always amazed at the prices. I love the green ric rac!!! Who would sell their pincushions for only 50 cents? That makes me sad as someone made them. I love the candlestick filled with buttons. Will you leave them in there when you turn it into a make~do pincushion?

~~ Heidi ~~

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Becky! Will do!
Heidi - yes, I intend to leave the buttons in the candlestick. Regarding the 50 cent pincushions, it is usually the elderly ladies who volunteer at the shop that donate their makings to the shop.

Cathy said...

Marian your shopping list is the same as mine--minus the knitting and crochet--because I don't knit or crochet. Do you think we could shop together--peacefully. LOL! Great finds! I'm off to the thrift store shortly to see what treasures I can find--I'll keep an eye out for you a treasure or two--maybe a knitting spoolie! ;)

Cathy :)

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Cathy! I think we would make a great shopping pair! Good luck today!