Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plain sewing sets.

This time I am taking a look at
plain sewing sets.
But just because the outside is plain,
doesn't mean that the inside would be -
although the floral pattern of this
set is really quite sweet.

Inside, we find a quite complete embroidery/mending
set. With no brand name on the outside of the box,
we only have the details found on the thread cards
telling us that it is Made in England. The silk thread
has the Duldarn brand on it.

This set has had little use.
It has a drawer in the front to hold the work in
progress - currently empty.
The brand name on the thread card reads Sewswell - Menda.
There is a sweet little button card of four green buttons, a
Blue Star Brand Finest Quality Needles packet, scissors, ribbon,
threads, thimble, fabric, and safety pins. This set
is also Made in England.

This set has two drawers in the front which holds
two children's handkerchiefs, - a rabbit design and
a crinoline lady design -
ready to be embroidered.
Inside, we find that this has had a lot more use than
the other sets. There are knitting needles, crochet hook,
thimble, many "Glister" thread spools, rayon
embroidery threads reading Swinden (Fancy Goods)
Ltd. Redditch, England,
and a blue "doiley" ready to embroider.
There is a gold foil oval pasted inside the lid
which reads "Sewinden" (yes, with an e)
Product - Made in England

I would say that this set has been added to.
Although it is almost complete with all of
its thread spools, thimble, pincushion, safety
pins, paper tape measure, "Floral" needle
packet - English Made, Best Quality Sewing
Thread cards - Made in England, and perhaps
missing the scissors. There are other
embroidery thread cards on the inside
of the lid, a Silcarn Mending thread card,
and Vicars Salome Tapestrie rayon thread,
plus The Albion AMG sewing and mending thread.

This again, has two drawers in the front
of the box holding cloth to
embroider and a paper pattern and
stitching instructions.

Next post, I will be taking a little look
at sewing cards.


Cathy said...

Marian, how you find all of these fabulous sewing treasures is beyond me, so I shall live vicariously through you. Gee we could at least live on the same continent, so we could at least visit in person on occasion. LOL!
When you get a moment I hope you'll pop by my blog, because I have awarded you the You Make My Day Award. You can pick it up there and see what to do next. Happy Stitching!

Cathy :)

catsmum said...

Any clues as to age with these Maz?
Do you think that red plastic crochet hook is a later addition or original?

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thank you Cathy!

crazyhaberdasher said...

No, sorry, I can only guess at 40's - 60's? I am always open to others' thoughts regarding age of the sewing sets. Or better still, if anyone has one of these from their own childhood.

crazyhaberdasher said...

With regards to the crochet hook - no, it looks like those freebies from the English Womens' Weekly.

Yvette said...

My what wonderful eye candy!! I really enjoyed wondering through your blog. You really have some fabulous treasures!!
The sewing kits are so cool! And the artwork on the children's sewing kits are so cute!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Leona said...

Good post.