Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TRICOTINS (Knitting Nancies)

Just before we get to more sewing baskets, I thought I would catch up with a previous blog regarding what can be made from the cord that results in using the knitting nancy.

I have some books (available at Amazon or ebay), which are in french or german but are easy to follow (they are written for children after all and you can source some english childrens craft books as well) -
Das Strickliesel Buch (german)
Tricotin Malin (french)
le Tricotin (french).

The following are just some ideas taken from these books:

Use cotton yarn for these flowers.


Egg cosies, and baby chickens


Toy Parrot

These are some examples of what can be done - you are only limited by your imagination, after all!

I have placed a link on my blog to Crone-Findlay, a great website for fans of spool knitting. Noreen of Crone-Findlay has books available of her great designs, there are free patterns on her blog too. There are also fabulous painted spool knitters that she has designed which are available for purchase. (And I am also the proud owner of three of her spool knitters.)

Below are pictures of tricotins from a Marie Claire Idees Magazine from 2006.


Linda_at_Kapana said...

I have to admit I have never seen them like this - I grew up with them in the late 1950s / early 1960s as four tacks hammered into the top of a wooden cotton reel. All the girls had them.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Well, I didn't aim to collect these, it just happened.....I started by searching for old doll knitting patterns and some of these knitting nancies started showing up on the list. I never had one growing up and started bidding on them, I quickly discovered a whole world of them and what other names they are known by. A number of my friends had the cotton reels (including men).

catsmum said...

I had one of the simple doll-type ones but my brother appropriated it and made miles of the stuff.
I don't remember my poor deprived daughter having one but maybe she remembers better than I do.
The japanese geisha in the bottom photo isn't the prettiest is she? Different tho!

crazyhaberdasher said...

No, she isn't, and with all that detail (carving) wouldn't make it very practical to work with.