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Pop up needlebooks cover a variety of subjects, mainly catering towards the younger age group with nursery rhymes, cute animals, and famous children's fairy tales. There are also books with colourful graphics of puppets, fairs, and circus scenes, sports scenes, and the very popular sewing scenes that can also include dolls and teddy bears.

Below - this colourful needlebook is made by Prym, Germany.

Inside the Prym Fair needlebook.

The two needlebooks below are of Hansel and Gretel. Left - marked Foreign. Right - made by Akra.

Inside the two Hansel and Gretel needlebooks.

Above - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, shown opened/flat. Made by Dosco, Germany, and below, the inside.

Above - Soccer scene by Wittekind, Germany, and below - inside the needlebook.

Below - making dolls' clothes. Left - made in Japan, and Right - Wittekind, Germany.
Top left - Prym, Germany and Top right - Made in Redditch, England
Bottom left "Dolly and I" mady by Falcon, Japan and Bottom right -"With Best Wishes" and Seasons Greetings on cover made by Wittekind, Germany.

Inside the Redditch, England needlebook. Also states here that it is "A Sister Susie Series 45".
Above - inside the puppet (Punch and Judy?) needlebook - marked Foreign.

Top left - cover of puppet needlebook. Top right - cover of Wittekind, Germany.
Bottom left - marked "Ich-Nadeln, Germany. Bottom right - Pryms, Germany circus needlebook. Below - inside the circus needlebook.Below - a slightly different approach to a pop-up needlebook. This is a basket that has a front flap which you pull out, made by Wittekind, Germany.
Inside the basket - the young girls arms fold out.

Below - a group of nursery rhyme needlebooks (all pop-ups) - Made in Japan.

Below - the back of the needlebook shown previously with the three young girls and doll on the cover.
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catsmum said...

the only one of those I've got is the Little Bo Peep one right in the middle of the japanese set... and I think YOU gave it to me :]