Friday, September 14, 2007


I have here what I hope is a feast for pincushion lovers.

These two vintage silk pincushions are a little fragile. I think that they would date around 1930s and have been cleverly decorated with beads. The guitar pc as you can see has lost some beads and the "strings" are broken. The harp (or is it a zither) looks in somewhat better condition, although I think they are both very special.

This is a lovely beaded trim shoe pincushion - there are still rusty pins in the folds of the cushion, and I would date this one maybe early 1900s.

This pincushion, though it looks vintage, I would date a bit later. This pattern is from the "Pincushions" book by Averil Colby, 1975, and based on a vintage pattern - it was probably made in the late 70's - 80's. Below is a page from the book. I think this book is a must for pincushion collectors - "A unique book with complete information on the history, creation, and collecting of pincushions" (from the cover).

A basket of tomatoes, vintage and newer, and strawberries (and emeries), also vintage and modern. There are also two black figural pincushions, and also can you spot the mouse?

This vintage tomato pincushion was leaking sawdust. So if you like the "primitive" look, I stitched some naive black stitching to close up the larger holes, attached a green felt leaf which was blanket stitched around and used a green crochet thread for the "sections". ...and there you have one rescued tomato pincushion.

Added Sept 18th - This is another rescued PC - or a vintage dog tape measure (made in Japan) with a new base. The eyes were missing but that was easily fixed by adding two black beaded top pins, and the pincushion base is made of felt with a tiny ric rac trim.

This vintage looking pincushion was crocheted by me.

This is a fabulous Pincushion book by Carmen Daumer, and one that I recommend to pincushion lovers. There are great ideas in this one.

I couldn't resist adding these two sweet peddlar bears to the post. I do hope you enjoy seeing them. While they may look vintage, they are purposely made to look old. The bears are the typical "made in China" (but well-made) bears from around the late 1980's - 90's. They are very cleverly put together with their wooden stands and old bits and pieces of sewing items. I was told that these (and others typical) were sold at a craft market in England.

Close-up of the smaller bear's tray.....isn't it luverly....and the tiny shell pincushion is so sweet!

I have just added this picture to "Needlebooks - Part Six". Somehow, it got lost in my excitement!!


Violette said...

I love those pincushions. Wish they were mine.

crazyhaberdasher said...

I love them too Violette, I have been very lucky to find them.

Cathy said...

Love them all, but especially that big ol' bowl of tomato and strawberry pincushions--and I did find the mouse--after much hunting! LOL! I have that book on my want list too! Love all your pc's!

Cathy :)

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Cathy! I actually have some more PC books to add to the list!

jane said...

That was definitely a feast of pincushions! My favorite is the geometric one!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Isn't it fantastic!