Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Thankyou to everyone who voted in the Sewing Poll.

Of the 49 votes - it appears that we love collecting
everything to do with sewing
at 42% of the votes.
A lot of you adore pincushions (especially those from the crazyaboutpincushions
group, naturally!) coming in second at 26%.
Thimbles and thimble holders was third at 8%.
The rest at 4%, with crochet and knitting at 2%, and no votes for tapemeasures.
"Other" at 4% could possibly include things like - buttons, cotton stands, patterns,
and possibly sewing trade cards, etc......
I have another poll for you to vote in -
don't forget!

Do any of you collect pin cards?
Below is a small selection of one type of pin card -
I find the majority of these
were made by Neuss Bros of Germany. Lovely pictures
grace the front of these pin cards which come
in a variety of shapes.
Years ago, these would be handy for popping into your sewing bag
for take-along projects on outings, and visiting.

These shapes would be harder to find than the more common
rectangular shaped pin cards.
I didn't scan the backs of these as it would be very hard for
you to read it.

Added October 26 -
Of all of the reference books that I have, there is very little if
any information on pin cards. Pin keeps, pin discs, pin wheels,
all seem to have been
handmade and date around the mid to late 1800's.
When manufactured souvenirs and items
carrying advertising came in late 1800's, it could be around
this time that the pin cards came into being.
I have tried to find information on Neuss Bros. but haven't had
any luck as yet, though I will keep trying.
Neuss Bros. also made pin cubes.

There are other advertising pin cards in my collection,
as soon as they surface from
the packing boxes, I will be able to show you then.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I have never before seen a pin card, or if I did I did not know what it was. I am always learning new things from you!! That is why I love your blog AND you collect the coooooolest things. Perhaps I should journey over to Australia for a wee bit o' shopping.:)

My son is a fireman, like your honey, and it IS a scary job to have. I am always worrying and know you must, too. Fortunately, we live in Northern Calif and are not near the fires. I cannot believe the devastation and how many lovely homes have been destroyed. So sad!

Blessings to you,

Heidi said...

I too have never seen these pin cards before. They really look so much like a pinkeep which has been my addiction for 2007. I have a picture tutorial to learn how to make them on my StitchingTogether blog if you are interested. You have to go back to the first posts for the tutorial.

Do you know more of the history of the pin cards? I would love to hear it.

~~ Heidi ~~