Thursday, November 29, 2007


In my searches for vintage sewing notions,
I am amazed at the many wonderful graphics
to be found on the packaging -
press studs, buttons, darning kits, hat pin packets,
hair pins, and needlebooks, hooks and eyes, etc.
Above is a small collage of some images
found on some of my notions.
Do you recognise any of them?
Click on image for larger picture.

I hope that you will have a vote
in my latest sewing poll - vintage laces, tatting,
embroidered doilies, vintage mini quilts,
vintage crochet samples, vintage
samplers, and perhaps aprons
and potholders,
are just some of the vintage
textiles that I would be referring to.

December 1 - Some of you may be wondering exactly
what I am asking in my sewing poll.
Do you display your vintage textiles permantly, sometimes,
or not (those that may be too fragile
to display)?
For example - you might have old crochet hooks
displayed with vintage crochet samples.
Tatting shuttles with tatting work.
Perhaps you might have embroidered doilies
in a frame or bordering a shelf.
Mini quilts or potholders hanging on the wall.
Or a shadow box full
of notions, tools and pieces of textiles.
Any type of display.



catsmum said...

Maz I'm not 100% sure what you're asking with the poll. Do I display my vintage textiles AS WELL AS displaying needlework tools? Yes [ hampered as you well know only by lack of suitable display options so some are still in storage ]
Do I display them WITH my needlework tools - well no.
Can you see what I'm asking here?
What was your intent with the way the question is phrased please sweety?

crazyhaberdasher said...

Catsmum - I have added a detailed description of the sewing poll question at the end of the post.