Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The results of the previous poll reflect how many of you enjoy
your crafting/sewing. As well as collecting vintage sewing items
you like adding your own
creations to your collections.
A smaller number prefer to stick to vintage pieces
and possibly add other artists' work to their collections.
Thankyou to all for taking part in the poll.
I have added yet another poll to the right side bar.
I would love for you to place your vote, thankyou!

I love images of vintage
ladies. Be it of illustrations, paintings, on china, figurines, etc. and of
course, anything to do with vintage sewing.
I am sure there are many of you who share this with me.

Below is a group of china figures. The crinoline lady left, will
become a pincushion, and the other two are vintage tape measures.

Below is a very attractive
vintage sewing tin with "Workbox" on the lid.

Below is vintage wooden sewing box with a painted crinoline
lady doing her embroidery.

Above is the before - a little china basket found at an op shop and -
Below is the finished pincushion. Not rocket science here, just added
a small padded centre, glued it in. I removed the little decoration and
added the ric rac - and as soon as my daisy trim is found among the boxes
I will be adding one to the front of the ric rac. (Do you
think it needs one?)

Above - also pictured with the basket pincushion is a vintage
felt pincushion, very sweet.
I thought you might like this vintage pattern for
a cute can replace the figurine
with any other you might be able to use. Don't
forget to check out the op/thrift shops for little figurines that
may be suitable. Have fun!
(click on picture/instructions to enlarge it)

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catsmum said...

OH thank goodness you removed that horrid rose/bow - I wasn't game to say anything but I thought it was tacky - and no I don't believe it needs a daisy either [ unless there's an end needs hiding ]