Thursday, November 01, 2007


I thought you might enjoy these pictures of
my knitting needle gauges.

Above - a large selection of plastic, celluloid, and paper gauges.

Above - there are about 22 different bells amongst this lot...... and I
know there are other brand bells that were made
that I would love to add to the collection.


catsmum said...

still covet that sheepie shaped one !

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! That is an impressive colletion. Those little silver ones would be cute tied on a Christmas tree with some twine! You could have a sewing themed tree!!

Or do you already?


Perry said...

Those are impressive. Love the silver ones.

catsmum said...

No, sweetcottagedreams,she doesn't [yet ] but I do!

Heidi said...

Okay, I am thinking you live in the biggest house in the world to house all the great stuff you have? I agree with Becky that those silver ones would look wonderful tied onto the branches of a Christmas tree. And then we wouuld LOVE to see a photo. :)

~~ Heidi ~~

crazyhaberdasher said...

No, but I need a house twice the size of the one I have! It is going to be a little awkward to have a large Christmas tree put up as there are too many boxes!! I only had a tiny tree last year which is what I will have to do again this year!
When we will see the end of the renovations is hard to tell just yet!