Thursday, September 20, 2007


Snaps have been around since the 1840's, primarily used as theatre costume fasteners where there required quick changes or removing or adding frills and trims to alter a costumes appearance.

The 1850's saw the design of the snap we know today.

To read more about snaps, you can visit here to see an article called "Those Wonderful Gizmos which hold us together". A great read!

The following line-up is just a small sample of the vintage snaps that you might find.

Top Left - "The Success" - Made in Czechoslovakia
Top Right - Koh-i-noor - Germany (you can also find these in tins)
Bottom Left - Snap Dragon - Made in USA
Bottom Right - Argo - Made in USA

Top Left - Golden Rod (no origin)
Top Right - Pertex (no origin)
Bottom Left - "Model" - made in England
Bottom Right - Colonial Maid - made in Canada

Wilsnap fastener card showing front and back.
Made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Acorn fastener card showing front and back - made in USA

Starsnap with wonderful graphics and there are more colours and types available (I find I am drawn to these cards like the vintage button cards you find with lovely graphics on them) - made in Chicago, USA

And finally, some of the fabulous "American Beauty" fastener cards to be found. Of course, made in the USA.


Linda said...

"Snap Dragons" *Groan*

But seriously, we have a few of these at Old Gippstown, but nothing like this array. Makes you kinda wonder what you should be putting away now for the future.

crazyhaberdasher said...

I wonder if anyone will start collecting quilting machines!!!

Gina E. said...

I have just found you via Linda's blog and have enjoyed looking at your needlebooks collection - just gorgeous! I hAve some snap fasteners still on their cards, but they only date back to the fifties, and are not as pretty as yours!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Gina, nice to see you! I have had a look at your blog before... I have a collection of swap cards too!