Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is dedicated to the millions
of pincushion lovers world-wide!


Through the power of the Internet and in turn, blogging,
the popularity of crafting has spread further than ever before.
Craft blogs, knitting/crochet blogs, embroidery blogs, quilting blogs,
sewing blogs, scrapbooking blogs, etc, that go hand in hand
with thrifting and collecting of textiles and vintage
sewing items, has brought many like-minded fiber
friends together - north, south, east and west of the globe.
Bloggers hold giveaways/competitions to celebrate their
"blogiversaries" for post milestones and/or blog birthdays.
All you have to do is leave a comment on their blog and a
lovely handcrafted prize could be on its way to you.
Many bloggers who thrift and sew also sell their creations
in a shop called Etsy or on Ebay.
We now have words like sewies, ornies, primitive and
spoolies connected with crafting.
Crafting and collecting groups have also sprung up on the
internet through sites like Yahoo and Flickr.


Pincushions are enjoying an ever-expanded popularity
like never before.
Crafters are creating pincushion patterns and "make-do's"
catering to the needs of pincushion lovers/collectors everywhere.

"Make-do" pincushions date back to Victorian times where household
items like broken candlestick holders and oil lamp bases were
recycled and fashioned into pincushions and
even sometimes given as gifts.
A trip to the Op/Thrift shop could become a treasure hunt for
things like glass sweets dishes, candlestick holders, vintage
egg cups, fancy bottles, vases, vintage salt and pepper shakers,
anything that could become a "make-do" pincushion.

Above and Below - these items can become "make-do's".
I am currently working on the glass candlestick holder that
is filled with buttons.

The following picture is of a book which may be
considered the "bible" of making vintage-style
"make-do's". Needleworks by Kindred Spirits
was published approx. 10 years ago
and I would say that it would still be the one to consult today for
ideas for making pincushions and other vintage sewing items.
It is still available to buy.

Front and Back cover. Please note also that
the illustration of the pincushion at the top
of the post/blog is from this book.

A vintage "make-do" pincushion.

A newly made "make-do" on a
metal base with lots of sewing
accessories added to the skirt.

The back of the "make-do". The lady
bust is particularly lovely.

A cat spoolie! - sits on a wooden cotton spool.

There is a fabulous tutorial found here at Mimi Kirchner's blog.
Really worth a look if you are wanting to work out measurements
for your pincushions, plus different ways and shapes to sew.
Mimi is also a fabulous doll-maker!

Last of all - HAVE FUN!


Heidi said...

That book looks fab! I will have to try to look into it. I love the photos of the make~dos. Don't you just love even the word?! Your glass candlestick with all the buttons in it is just the CUTEST thing! Okay, I have gone into covet mode. :) I am stuffing a new pincushion but it is an oldie but goodie patchwork pattern.

Hope you are having an inspiring week!

~~ Heidi ~~

crazyhaberdasher said...

Yes Heidi, I thoroughly recommend seeking out this book - try ebay and amazon, and also google it - there are some needlework websites that have it for sale.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting these pics! I have a friend that makes pincushions by using a glass candle stick vase and an old doll head for the top. I have to buy myself one and post it. Love yours! Hey, did you enter my giveaway? It ends tomorrow!!! Hurry over if you haven't already.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Yes please Becky! Buy one from your friend and show us a pic!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hello - me response to your question about Doogs' brother...he is licking his paws, like my guy does. Sooooo, it will be interesting to find out what she does. I'll have to find out and share later. A lovely day to you! Becky