Friday, August 10, 2007

Ain't She Sweet!

Thanks so much Linda for nominating me! Since I am still new to blogging with just a few blogging friends so far, I have only one other to nominate (Susan and Linda obviously cannot be nominated again or can they? ...well, at least I can second their nominations), so it will be the enthusiastic, effervescent, and extremely clever, all-round niceperson, Noreen of hankeringforyarn - (Crone-Findlay).
LATER - I feel terrible, I had forgotten about Jane of Jane's Jots.
Jane is also nominated for a Nice Matters Award!


jane said...

Hey, I'm your friend. You were actually my first comment I think.
I enjoy your blog, it is so interesting.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Oops! I am so sorry Jane, I dont get very many comments - but of course you will be nominated!
Noreen is a spoolknitter blog reader!