Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Sunbonnet Sue

Bertha Corbett Melcher, an American illustrator, is regarded as the "Mother of Sunbonnet Sue", illustrating many children's books published in the early 1900s.

The Sunbonnet Sue images became a perfect choice for many needlework projects, especially in quilts in the form of applique and redwork.

These vintage needlebook bonnets are so sweet and have become a popular pattern to make up. You can find a pattern to make your own in the Sunbonnet Sue website along with more information on Bertha Melcher, Kate Greenaway, and many more designs.

I think it is interesting to show the way the inside of the needlebooks have been completed. The three shown here have been worked differently.

This one has what is called a "duck tail".

Felt - always popular and convenient to quickly work into a needlebook of various designs. Below is a small bonnet, simply worked with flowers. This one also has filling in the crown for pins.

Below, an ever-popular bonnet needlebook. The bonnet here also doubles for use as a thimble holder. If you would like to try one for yourself, there is a pattern here which can be made up simply as is or you can add you own unique finishes.

Part Three coming soon!

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Scallywags Scribbles said...

I love all things of vintage sewing and collect these as well.
thank you for the link to Sunbonnet Sue as well as your spool collection, so interesting.