Saturday, August 18, 2007


Fabulous Female Images

I have chosen to start this section with the lovely ladies that grace the covers of needlebooks. The books vary in size from 6 X 7 cms up to 12 X 16 cms.
Below is a small list of the popular needlemaker companies that were producing needlebooks in the twentieth century.

Abel Morrall
Wm. Hall & Co. Ltd.
Henry Milward & Sons
Morris & Yeomans
A G Baylis & Sons
Kirby, Beard & Co. Ltd
John James & Sons
W Bartleet & Sons

Heath & Gills (Czechoslovakia)
Brabant Needle Co.

Top left - Masked lady/harlequin - Milward
Top right - Sweet girl with flowers - no name
Bottom left - Crinoline lady - Morris & Yeomans
Bottom right - Lady in hat - Superior

Top left - Lady with fox fur - John James
Top right - Georgian couple - A G Baylis
Bottom left - Lady with wreath - Kirby, Beard
Bottom right - Young crinoline Miss -A G Baylis

Top left - Young lady with cat - Majesty
Top right - Lady with feather fan - A G Baylis
Bottom - Sweet girl (deteriorating picture) - A G Baylis

Above - inside the Young crinoline Miss needlebook

Above - inside the Masked lady/harlequin needlebook.

And one more - a cute girl in a bonnet/valentine - no name

Part Six soon!


Linda said...

I cannot believe how stunning these are - your colelction must be magnificent!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Linda, I am rather partial to the old-fashioned lady pictures. Same with the swap card collection.

Baba said...

I received a needle book for Christmas. It says they were made be Brabant Needle Co., Redditch, England, and has a patent date of August 11, 1914 and # 1106773. What can you tell me about the needle collection?