Monday, August 06, 2007


Victorian Needlebook

Handmade needle books were made from many different materials, many of which from materials found on hand - we find leather, card, felt, silk ribbon, fabric of all sorts, and a very popular crafting pastime from the Victorian era we find perforated paper.

This small Needle Book below measures 6.5 cms X 5.5 cms (2 1/2 inches X 2 1/4 inches) closed. The needlework is very simple but still quite attractive. The blue ribbon has become a little worn over the years but I believe it shows that it was a much-loved gift from a daughter to her mother.

Worked on the back of the needlebook are the words - "For Mamma - From Emily".

The inside of the needlebook here shows the woollen pages and the fabric stitched lining.

Perforated paper or perforated card-work is believed to have originated in Germany and introduced to North America in the 1820's. Bookmarks were popular with earlier examples usually of a religious nature intended to be placed in the family Bible. Ideas and patterns were available from the magazines of the time, using mottos such as - Christ is Risen, Obey Your Parents, Labour Has Sure Reward, Forget Me Not, Abide With Me, Rock of Ages, etc. Many framed mottos adorned a wall or were hung above the door to greet visitors.

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There will be a lot more needlebooks coming up..... I will be 'looking into' more handmade needlebooks, and those made by such Redditch needle companies as Morrall, Milward, Kirby Beard, etc., and also coming up will be needlebooks/needlecards like the ever-popular Sewing Susans and the like.


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Isn't it beautiful - I wonder how many have been passed over in junk shops as no-one appreciates them.

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