Sunday, June 17, 2007


KNITPICKY - this time I might get a little knitpicky!

While going through my patterns, I came across these two Corticelli pattern books. It is interesting (and sometimes comical) to see what the designers of 1917 (pictured left) and 1920 (right) produced.

Here (left) we have the silk Dresden Sweater No. 487 posed (word used) by Mrs. Vernon Castle apparently a very popular model for Corticelli who also appears in Book 9 (right). I will endeavour to find more of these books not only for the patterns, but to see how many of them featured Mrs. Castle. I wonder if she was a rich socialite of the time or maybe a popular actress - no, Irene and Vernon Castle were famous ballroom dancers! Click here to find out more.

Bed Socks - perhaps
this could be a
pattern for
eters out
Susan? SIS
(click image
for pattern)

Now here is a handy idea for
carrying your knitting
needles to your
knitting group!

And here is another lovely hat again with knitting needles! If you would like to see more of what these two books contain, let me know.

Isn't this a great vintage

I would love to find these ball bands to add to the collection.

Below we have another addition to the collection, a button fan card. Did you know that buttons were measured in lines with 40 lines to the inch?

Next is a group of vintage sewing items - Dewhurst's Sylko Cotton display box, Semco Silkette Machine Twist cotton box, a brass needlecase, a boxed sewing kit, cane sewing basket, pincushion, pin card, a few needleboxes, felt sewing items, handmade pin wheel and a tape measure just out of the picture.

And of course, there has to be another spool knitter, this one from France. I am not sure if she is supposed to represent Becassine (a popular fictional children's book character in France). Maybe someone reading this could help me there.


catsmum said...

You sure manage to fit a lot in one post girlie :]
The bedsocks? probably not.
I've swiped the pics of the yarn ballband with cat, and the lady with knitting and cat [ of course ]
and are you going to post a photo of that paper fan full of art silks?

crazyhaberdasher said...

Will do, it was hiding under the magazines and I had forgotten about it. Glad you liked the pics of knitting and cats. I knew that the bedsocks were not your "cup of chai" but aren't they different!!!(unusal, not noice!) .....groan....

catsmum said...

akso have you ever come across knitting needles like the ones stuck through those hats? Also different ... un-ewe-sual ... noice even.
groaning also