Monday, June 04, 2007


I think I am being very brave showing you this room, but I am only showing my part of the workroom - and Chris and I share this workroom, if you think my part of it is bad, Chris' desk is much worse.........apart from the extensive sewing collection, this is also the reason why we need to move to a bigger house (hoping to have a sewing museum, too).
The large piles of books, papers and patterns sitting on the desk are waiting to be filed............

........on these shelves, and this is just a small section of the shelves.

Below is part of the needlework tools section.

I have a fascination with old button cards. I'd rather buy buttons on cards than loose. Some of the graphics are a work of art in themselves.

Below are a group of Beutron children's button cards. And I was lucky to be at a button collectors fair some time back where Ken Arnold (author of Needlework & Associated Collectables) was selling the Beutron buttons pictured in his book.
These button cards were intended to be collected, where a booklet was available for purchase from Beutron especially to place these cards in.

The back of one of the cards is shown below. Click on image to read about collecting these cards and pasting them in the Beutron Nursery Story and Painting Booklet.

Here is the closeup of the Merry-go-round shop display showing the various cards available.

Here is the full page advertisement from the Australian Home Journal dated October 1, 1957.

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